Collaborate with us!


Increase clientele, get to know clients on a more personable level, give clients or customers an out of the box experience they will never forget.  We have a lot of pride in our city and the surrounding areas and we want to collaborate with you to promote the talent of our area. ​

Create a night or day of yoga, shopping, creativity, food, wine... The possibilities are endless! 



Invite your closest friends, family or coworkers into your home or venue of choice for a fun night of yoga tailored to any level yogi.  We offer several add ons... wine, charcuterie or massage just to name a few.



The foundations of yoga are the most important part to a safe and flourishing yoga practice.  We will build a practice benefiting any area of growth that you are seeking.  Whether you are seeking foundational practice or inversion training, we are here to help you obtain that growth, one seed at a time.

Practising Yoga


Restore & Renew 

Inhale, exhale wellness & restoration with a private solo or couples restorative yoga session in the Capturing the Essence Salt Caves.  The benefits of this session are endless, just to name a few:

Restorative Yoga:

  • deeply relaxes the body

  • stills our busy mind

  • balances the nervous system

  • helps elicit the relaxation response

Salt Caves:​

  • boosts the immune system

  • increases lung capacity to promote deeper breathing

  • reduces physical ailments​

  • can improve skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis

Combine the two for the ultimate rejuvinating experience.



Our goal is to plant the seed of wellness into your work environment by reducing stress, conflict and possible injuries in the workplace.
Your team will learn breathing techniques to reduce overall stress and safe, simple yoga stretches to reduce workplace injury or overuse.



A strong community starts with our youth! 


Yoga gives our youth tools to fight adversities, improve memory and cognitive function, social relationships, sleep, self-regulation, coping skills, reduces stress and anxiety and increases body awareness, determination and perseverance.

We would love to partner with you in planting the seed of wellness in the youth of our community and giving our youth the strength to grow for a lifetime.

Yoga Class