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Yoga is for every BODY.

Whether an athlete or a newbie, yoga is for every BODY. From the tennis courts, from the weight room or even from the couch, yoga is for you. Yoga lengthens, defines and strengthens muscles, builds core strength, improves flexibility, balance, coordination, stamina, endurance and lung function. Yoga also helps manage stress, an often forgotten but a key contributor to recovery and performance for all of you athletes out there.


Yoga is known to be slow moving, but it can also be fast and it can be hot. If you are new to yoga, we suggest an all levels or yoga basics class to ease you right in.  We urge you to try a variety of classes and find the class that aligns with you the most.


Wether a seasoned yogi or if you are new to the mat, we have a variety of classes that will aide in improving your overall lifestyle activities.


See you on the mat!

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