We’re obsessed!

If you’re wondering why we are obsessed with these elephant pants let us explain…

They are so comfortable!

These pants are so cute and that’s obvious, we love that they are also insanely comfortable! Elephant pants feel like your favorite yoga pants but better. They are light weight, loose and high waisted. They literally feel like pajama pants.

Your Pants are so Cute!

Not only are these pants comfortable but they look great on every body shape. One size fits most so all you have to do is choose what color and design calls your name. When you sort through the many colors you may have a hard time choosing which elephant pants are for you because every single pair is beautifully unique in color and design. You will have everyone asking, “Where’d you get your pants?“

Elephant Pants for a Cause

We connected with a local non profit and a majority of the proceeds from these pants goes to women and children in Uganda! This is our favorite part about these elephant pants!

Elephant pants are available at Simply Rooted. Come find your perfect pair!

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