Lilla Taylor

Yoga/ CPT

Lilla, owner and founder of Simply Rooted found a passion for yoga over a decade ago which led her in believing that wellness and fitness can completely transform ones life.  Through her wellness journey her passion grew so much that she decided to become certified in fitness and yoga instruction.  Planting a seed of wellness in our community is Lilla's passion.  Lilla believes that wellness is so much more than a personal journey. Wellness is also a journey that when intertwined we can create a deeply rooted, thriving community.

Certified Yoga Instructor - Yoga Fit

Certified Personal Trainer - NASM


Scotty Schumacher

Acro Yoga/ Yoga

Scotty is a certified acro yoga instructor and certified yoga instructor.  He has a passion for fitness and loves to connect with the world and others thru movement and play.  Scotty invites others to tap into new and infinite possibilities of communication, trust, and connection by combining acrobatics, yoga, and healing arts of Thai massage, in his acro yoga classes.  

Scotty is heavily involved in building the acro yoga community in Redding, California.  He’s passionate about providing quality instruction and ample opportunities for others to grow and discover the numerous benefits of movement and play.  Scotty grows his acro love and skills at Divine Play, AcroLove Festivals and Immersion trainings throughout the United States and Mexico.

He married his college sweetheart, Amanda and they have two sons, Will and Jake.  When he’s not teaching acro yoga, you may find him backpacking, hiking or doing acro yoga at the park.  One of Scotty’s favorite quotes is, “We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing.”

Certified Acro Yoga Instructor - Acro Revolution

Certified Yoga Instructor - Yoga Fit


Ryan Boyd


Ryan, spent the majority of his childhood and twenties participating in sports which culminated with playing football at the collegiate level. In the years following college, plagued by muscular injuries that limited his quality of life.  Ryan began seeking methods of relieving his pain. Starting his yogic journey around four years ago, he began with asana practice, slowly discovering the spiritual, mental and physical benefits of the philosophical aspects of yogic practice. In addition to a desire to develop a deeper yogic practice. Ryan enjoys practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the outdoors, writing and reading. The hardest part is letting go and allowing Providence to move through your life. A favorite mantra of Ryan’s is an old Lakota saying, “The Power of the Universe will come to your assistance, if your heart and mind are in Unity.”

RYT 200 hrs


Tess Taylor-Dunlap

Line Dancing

In 1971, Tess attended jazz and modern dance classes at Shasta College. She was rather terrified, as she had to perform on stage for their grade.  She didn’t dance again until around 1976. She started skate dancing and figure skating, and training to be a judge. Things changed so after awhile, she didn’t dance again til around 2010. She started Zumba, and around the same time, ballroom, swing and Latin dancing. A few years later, Ujam. Zumba and Ujam, she continued online during the pandemic. Needless to say Tessie LOVES to dance! She started line dancing around 2005, but again had to quit for personal reasons until she started going to local community dances where there was always a group of line dancers.  Most recently, she has been dancing with a great bunch of people who, like like herself, dance every chance they can!  Dancing helps her with stress relief!  Plus she really enjoys helping beginners. She remembers struggling, and likes to help people get better, and feel better about themselves. She has a passion to grow our line dance community, and says that, “selfishly it is nice to have people available to dance with”.


Marlyn Winsen

Line Dancing

Marlyn Winsen, M.B.A.

Marlyn a California native moved to Redding in the fall of 2014. She has 4 children, 9 grandchildren, and has led a very active life that includes wilderness backpacking, running, weight lifting, cycling, various sports, and enjoys her Harley Davidson. Marlyn began country line dancing in January of 2018 and hasn't stopped since. She enjoys teaching others so that they can be out on the dance floor having fun. Line dancing promotes memory retention, balance, coordination, strength, agility, exercise, and pleasure. 


Alexis Brown


Alexis started her yoga journey at the age of 16 with a mat and nothing else. Dedicated and driven by focus she put herself through yoga teacher training at Mount Madonna Institute at the age of 17. Right away she found a love and passion for leading, guiding, learning and teaching others. 
Having her own yoga business, Beyond the Mat, Alexis found a deep connection with the intimacy of small private and a one on one yoga practice sessions. Alexis also enjoys teaching larger yoga classes with a focus mainly on pranayama (breathing exercises), the practice of moving with the breath and the anatomy of the body.  Alexis specializes in Vinyasa Flow (strong, or gentle) alignment based and functional yoga, beginners classes, handstand prep, and restorative. 

RYT 500 hrs

Current class offerings:

Balance Yoga Center 


Ava Edwardson

Executive Marketing Expert/ PA

Ava was born and raised in Redding. She is a student at Shasta College and has been working at Dutch Bros for two years. She is passionate about people and the creative and has been invested in the community for many years having worked with youth leadership programs in the city. She is an out of the box thinker and loves pushing the limits of what can be done. Ava is excited to be a part of Simply Rooted and the growth of downtown Redding. She has been practicing yoga for two years as a way to exercise self reflection and mental and physical growth and she hopes to become certified to teach in the future.