Free Yoga


Planting the seed of wellness in our community

About Us

Simply Rooted is a movement studio and event venue located in the heart of downtown Redding, CA

Our Mission

To cultivate a community of wellness and oneness

Our Values


Creating connections on a deeper level


Collaborating with local business to sustain a thriving community


Engaging with our community and cultivating wellness in every relationship


You are why we are here, you are worth this wellness journey


At Simply Rooted all our classes have limited spaces with an even and luxurious amount of space between each mat to create a spacious practice for our members

Respecting Others Time

Out of respect for our students and teachers time we have a strict late policy. Please be on time.  Have to leave early? Please leave before Savasana (corpse pose) when attending a yoga class

Travel Light

We want you to travel light - emotionally and physically - so we provide all students with luxury 5mm yoga mats. We meticulously clean and sanitise all mats and props for you before each and every class. We also set up your mat with blocks and straps, so when we say travel light, we mean it.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail and we aim to provide the perfect experience each and every time you join us. 

We hope to journey with you soon!​